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The Hockey East Conference
Random Hockey East / NCAA Thoughts 
24th-Mar-2007 06:28 pm
Calvin - Denial
First of all - BC fans should be ashamed of themselves. Your team dominated UNH at Durham to end the regular season, but when the Hockey East championship game is played in your own back yard - nobody shows up. The arena for that game was like one played in Durham or Manchester - a UNH home game.

I suppose the BC (which now stands for Brats of Chesnut) students/fans would rather stand in line to get drunk (couldn't even get into the bars in Boston by the time the gates opened at 6pm) than they would want to watch their team win the Hockey East Championship. It's really too bad - it was one hell of a game.

That being said - 2 of the 3 games during the Hockey East Championship were great games. The UMass / UNH game was fantastic (really - one for the books). The championship game was enjoyable as well (unless you're a New Hampshire fan).


So far - in the NCAA tournament we've seen each of the Hockey East teams play.

--Maine played the best they have in 2 months, beating St. Cloud State by a score of 4-1, and really controlling most of the play during the game. They go on to face...
--...UMass, who beat Clarkson in a classic, 1-0 OT game. UMass really clamped down on defense, and gutted out a great win in a game that, I'm told, wasn't very entertaining to watch.
--BU, and Hobey Baker finalist John Curry, were routed by Michigan State. The final was 5-1. I don't have much to say here, as I didn't watch the game.
--Miami-OH skated into Manchester, NH to take on the UNH Wildcats in their own backyard. Unfortunately for the Tamecats of UNH - their season ended like it usually does: Without a national championship. Ohio outplayed UNH for most of the game, although the 'Cats got back into it in the 3rd and made it interesting late in the final period.
--BC is currently beating St. Lawurence 3-1 in a game that has been a lot closer than the score seems to imply. SLU's goalie appears to be out of the game, and Boyle (BC) is still adapting to playing defense. Him playing on defense (a natural forward) probably gives BC one of the most dangerous lines in all of college hockey - and just at the right time.

Maine and UMass are tied at the end of the first period. Maine has had some good pressure, but still taking too many penalties. Unfortunately (for us Maine fans) - the #1 power play unit in the country couldn't take advantage of a brief 5 on 3 power play.

More updates to come as we see how the Frozen Four plays out. Good luck to all the teams still playing (unless you're playing the Black Bears).
25th-Mar-2007 12:34 pm (UTC)

I see what you did there.
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